Shadani Sandesh
04 / 09 / 2013

Jis Parkar 3 Din Ka Mela, 5 Raten 9 Raten Ya 40 Din Ki Path Pooja ka Vidhan hai, Waise hi 84 Bhagti Sutar & 84 k.m Pad Yatra Ka Mahatav Hai!

Shadani Sandesh
03 / 09 / 2013

Bhagti aur Dhan Karty Samay Man main Sirf Prem Rahe, Dikhawa Nahin, Sharda hi Safal Hoti hai!

Shadani Sandesh
29 / 08 / 2013

Kahty hain BArish ke Mausam main Ek Jagah hi Rahkar Bhakti, Adhyan, Chintan, Simran Ziyada Karna Chayeye !

Shadani Sandesh
24 / 08 / 2013

Moh Maya se Man main Shanka, Bhay Paida hota hai, Jabki Giyaan Vairag se Vishvas & Aanand Milta hai !

Shadani Sandesh
21 / 11 / 2009

Gar me Chota Sunder Mandir rahe, Vani ya Bhajno ka Sur rahe, Nari me Shringar & Sanskar rahe, Sabhi ka apas me Vishvas rahe.

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1. Sant Swami Shadaram Sahib (1708 - 1793)

Sant Shadaram Sahib was borin in Lohana khatri family ascending to the dynasty of Maharaj Lav, Son Of "Bhagwan Shree Ramchander ji" on October 1708 in Lahore (Punjab).

Sant Shadaramji Mahraj is believed to be the "Avtar" of "Lord Shiv" and had devoted His whole life to the service of Ultimate God and human being. Many miracles were witnessed, delieverd for the benefit of suffered humanity.

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2. Sant Tulsi Dass Sahib (1730 - 1799)

In 1730 (Shadani Sambat 22, Baisakh 20) Sant Tulsidas Sahib was born at Mathelo. He came in to contact with Sant Shadaram Sahib in 1768. He pleased Sant Shadaram with his selfness services.

According to Wishes of the First Guru Sant Shadaram Sahib, he was eleveted to Shadani Darbar Gaddi in 1793. He followed in the foot prints of Sants Shadaram Sahib and showered blessings on all human beings, rich and poor.

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3. Sant Takhat Lal Sahib (1783 - 1839)

In 1783 (Shadani Sambat 75, Bhado 26, Shukla Paksh 9) Sant Takhatlal Saheb was born at Mathelo. At the age of 16 he became the 3rd Sant of Shadani Darbar.

He was hardly 7 years old when he was blessed by Sant Shadaram Saheb that he would be avaible and present everywhere and whensoever he desired.

After assuming the holy Gaddi, his name became famous and people used to compare him, with Raja Harishchandra, Raja Vikrmaditya and Danveer Karan.

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4. Sant Tansukh Ram Sahib (1804 - 1852)

Sant Takhat Lal Sahib had three sons.

1. Jessa Ram Sahib who was a born yogi,
2. Tansukh Ram Sahib and
3. Chela Ram Sahib.

Yogishwar Jessa Ram Sahib was away from these worldly affairs. Tansukh Ram Sahib assumed the Shadani Gaddi in 1839.

Sant Tansukh Ram was a great singer and preached through Bhajans.

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5. Pooj Mata Hassi Devi Sahib (1826 - 1909)

Pujniya Mata Sahib Hassi Devi was born in 1826 (Shadani Sambat 118, Akhar 25, Shukla Paksh 8) at morning 10am at Khanpur Maher, Sindh (Pakistan). She was married to Sant Tansukh Ram Sahib in 1846.

She was married to Sant Tansukh Ram Sahib in 1846. She became head of Shadani Darbar in 1852. She was very quite pure and pious lady. She performed all prayers and services to all the persons who visited Shadani Darbar.

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6. Sant Swami Manglaram Sahib (1858 - 1932)

Sant Manglaram Saheb was born in August 1858 (Shadani Sambat 150, Shukla Paksh 7, Savan 24, at morning 6'o clock) in the house of Shri Bharoram at Hayat Pitafi. He came in the service of Darbar in 1890. He began regularly to serve in Darbar.

Due to his utmost, selfless services and devotion, he surpassed all the followers and succeeded to Shadani Gaddi. He became head of Shadani Darbar in 1909. Mostly he prayed God in night when all the people were sleeping. He possessed a great power.

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7. Sant Swami Rajaram Sahib (1882 - 1960)

The 7th Sant Swami raja ram sahib was born in november 1882, (as per shadani sambat 174. ekadashi of kartik, 28 shukla) in gulu pitafi, a villagr of tahsil mirpur mathelo, district ghotki, sindh, pakistan.

his father bhai jara ram was a devoted follower of shadani darbar while his mother, mata khemi bai was completely dedicated to bhagwan shiva. every time, she would recite "om namoh shivay" son her lips. one day bhagwan shiva showered his blessing on khemi bai and told her in dream that he was very pleased with devotion. very soon, he will take birth in thier home so that she could express her affection to him in the shape of a mother.

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8. Sant Gobindram Sahib (1944 - 2003)

In Accordance with the wishes of Saint Raja Ram, Saint GobindRam was elevated to "Shadani Gaddi" on 4th April 1960 at the age of 15 years.

Saint Gabind Ram Saheb has Opened Several Schools in Various Parts of Hind & Sindh and helped poor and neddy persons.

On 21 April 1969 he visited India and Observing love , respect and affection of the followers of Shadani Darbar and decided to settle in Raipur. Then after Saint Swami Gobindram ji Saheb flashed the holy name Lord Rama and appraised the holy Matters in the socialism and also gave vast religious atmosphere by Bhajans & Bhandaras time to time.

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9. Sant Yudhishtar Lal Sahib (Present Gaddisar)

Sant Yudhishtar Lal ji Mahraj is the Eldest of five sons of Satguru Dev, Swami Gobind Ram Sahib ji mahraj. He was born on 13th Dec, 1962 in Shadani Darbar Hayat Pitafi, Taluka Mirpur Mathelo, Distt: Ghotki Sindh Pakistan. He was only six when he came to India in 1969 A.D. with his Great Father.

Thus he started getting his education in raipur India an in due course of time, he passed the M.COM final in Commerce.

In the age of 28 Years, Sant Yudhishter Lal got married with Mata Deepika daughter of Shree Reloo Ram Bharti from Jalna (Maharashtra) on 17th July 1991 A.D.

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